Philosophy & Mission

Philosophy & Mission

Club Mission

The Mission of FCKENTUCKY is to instill a passion for soccer in young players.  The Club starts with focusing on teaching fundamentals and introducing modern concepts to younger age groups.  Our trained and certified coaches will also work on the tactical and mental aspects of the game as players develop.  We strive to make the game of soccer fun and rewarding for every player and their families.  The Club makes every effort to provide an environment where players, coaches and families share positivie experiences and build bonds that will last the child's entire soccer career.  At FCKENTUCKY our goal is to develop our teams fundamentally, build confidence with each passing year, and increase a player's ability to contribute to their teams.

Club Philosophy

We want to change the way we think about the game.  The game has advanced is so many ways that we believe we have to learn to look at the game differently and provide training with modern concepts.  We also believe in recruiting coaches, players, and families that believe in our philosophy and want to be a part of our culture.  We strive to be more than just another club and believe in the development of players as a whole.  Our core values reflect selflessness, transparency, integrity, teamwork, ambition, humility, responsibility, effort, and respect.