Values and Attitudes

Values and Attitudes


Reflection of Our Values and Attitudes

INTEGRITY: At FCKENTUCKY we will care for the well-being of individuals. of the club itself, and the context within which we operate.

RESPONSIBILITY: At FCKENTUCKY we will meet our challenges while taking into consideration the overall impact of our decisions and actions.

TRANSPARENCY: At FCKENTUCKY we will work under the main principle that all of our actions will be truthful, clear and verifiable, and understand that this information is the asset with which we generate value.

RESPECT: At FCKENTUCKY we promote proper personal relationships with the highest regard for respect as the fundamental value, and the hallmark of the attitude of all our members.

EFFORT: Dedication, professionalism, resolve, self-sacrifice, and perseverance will provide the success that we will earn by FCKENTUCKY.

TEAMWORK: At FCKENTUCKY we are committed to teamwork as the way in which we will optimize all of our resources and values.

AMBITION: Ambition is the strong desire to achieve the highest level of performance, while aiming to challenge ourselves every single day.  This is the value applicable to both individuals and teams.

HUMILITY: FCKENTUCKY will win respect by showing humility (along with effort, respect, and responsibility), to uphold all of the club's values, even in situations of under achievement or success.